How do you choose the Destin Family photographer who fits you best? You want family photos so you ask around on Facebook, and you are blasted with about 100+ comments with everyones favorite photographer. I always want my clients to have a happy and safe experience. As a result I make sure that we are a great fit to ensure everything goes smoothly. Listed below are a few tips and tricks to find the best Destin Family photographer for you and your family. 


There have been a few people who have hit the headlines for posing as a photographer with ill intentions in mind. Therefor, the best way to avoid these 'photographers' is to make sure any photographer you're interested in is a licensed business with the state of FL. You can do this by searching for their business name here ficinam.html via Floridas business license search. If you can't find their license and they're still your number one photographer, turn to the public forums to see if anyone has worked with them. 


I can not stress enough how important contracts are. Not only are we, the photographers, invested in our business. YOU are investing your money into long lasting family memories, meaning we both have something on the line. Contracts that highlights date, time, location, cost and session length ensure you both are on track and protected. If your photographer doesn't have a contract I would ask if one can be drawn up simply to protect your investment.


This goes without saying, but make sure the photographers work makes your heart smile. Are they more of a lifestyle photographer, catching everyone soaking up a tender moment? Or do they post serious and more formal images. Are their pictures light or dark? Is the background blurry? Or can you see every detail? Which style suits you and your family the most? Are you wanting the images in studio, in a woodsy location or a beach?

What ever is mostly in the photographers portfolio is their strengths. So if you come to a dark and moody woodsy photographer, looking for a light and airy beach shoot, you may want to make sure they have examples to show you. Sometimes images from Pinterest are used as reference photos and could be deceiving as to the quality you will be receiving. Therefor, I always suggest you ask if all of the images in their portfolio are their own. 


Be sure to discuss what you have planned to do with your images. When you receive your final images, are you planning to hang them up and pass them down for generations to come? Are you looking to add them to your social media? Some photographers offer to print your images through a professional lab, some will send over a print release that allows you to print them elsewhere, and some just strictly provide the digital copies for you to distribute on social media. 


When thinking of your session, are you looking for the full experience? The make up, wardrobe, and hair? Or are you looking for something a little more hands off? Do you want a long session to get all of the outfit changes in? Or do you prefer short and sweet to keep your babe from becoming overwhelmed? Some photographers will have you choose a location and a wardrobe, and some will have it all laid out for you. It's completely dependent on your style and your preference.


When searching for a photographer, be as descriptive as you can about your needs so that you cut down on the number of photographers who respond. If you say "ISO a photographer located in the Navarre area for my daughters cake smash in May. My budget is around 300-450" it will cut down on the amount of photographers immensely. Anyone who isn't available in May won't comment, anyone who is out of your budget won't either, for instance. Making the process much smoother for you when it comes to choosing your photographer.

So many photographers offer a lot of different options, it can be hard to decipher which photographer will work for your family.I hope these tips will make your search for the perfect Destin Family photographer a breeze!

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