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As a Destin photographer (and a professional toddler wrangler at home), I understand that the kids run the show. I want your session to be as relaxing as it is fun; So for this reason I have perfected my workflow to go ask quick as we can and keep the kids excited and engaged! Photographing Families is my JAM. As a mother of two I realize the importance of soaking in every single moment as they slip by so fast. In the transitions from womb, to ma-ma, to mom, to the inevitable "Bruh". I love documenting it all; For you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

What to expect

Are you wondering what to expect? Expect NO GUESS WORK. Starting with our initial contact. I will gather all of the information on your expectations from your family session. We will also focus on what images are your must haves.

Once we have figured out the goals and secured your date I will send over a very detailed welcome guide. That guide contains my favorite locations, some dos and don'ts, and wardrobe help. My wardrobe guide even includes some of my favorite color schemes to make choosing your outfits THAT much easier. I am also ALWAYS down for some shopping. Wether I come with you in person, we FaceTime/zoom or even if you just want to send over shots of your clothing ideas and we can brainstorm together. During the session I will guide you to play and interact with your kiddos and partner to ensure we get those beautiful lifestyle pictures. There may be tickle fights, a little water splashing in the Gulf and even some old school games.

Now on to the good stuff! The moment you've been waiting for, THE IMAGES. My favorite images are SURE to be different from yours. Only you know that your baby has been making that same silly face for years. So for this reason you have full control over choosing your final images. About 3 days after your session I will send over the best of the best images for you to choose your favorites from. Bada-bing-bada-boom. We're all done! We have finished up our session and you get to enjoy, share and print your images for many, many years to come.

Meet your Destin Photographer

Hi there! My name is Xsashai (Zah-Shea) I have been a Destin Photographer for over 3 years now! There is no way I could've asked for a better job than getting to capture my hometown's beauty. Being a detail oriented person I used to STRESS when planning my own family sessions. What the heck were we supposed to wear? Where do we go? What if my kids smile like this 😬?! What snacks should I bring to bribe my toddler-saurus'?!

Cue the meltdown, from me not them 😅.

So since becoming a photographer my main goal was to help the parents feel good and confident going into the session. To achieve this I have studied a ton (told you detail oriented) to find the best locations, wardrobe help, poses/prompts and dinosaur screeches to keep everyone stress free, engaged; and most of all happy!

Destin photographer

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